A Doula is someone who provides non-medical support to women and their families during labour, childbirth and into the
postpartum period. The presence of a Doula can be a major advantage for physicians, women and their families. Doulas provide a level of support that is often difficult to achieve in a busy maternity care centre. Typically mothers that employ a Doula see increased satisfaction with the birth experience, lower intervention rates and excellent infant outcomes. The added support during the postpartum period can make all the difference for new parents!


Congratulations on your pregnancy and your new family!  At Birth Journey we offer a vast selection of services and support to best suit your new and growing needs.

Do you have questions about your upcoming birth?  Do you want to know how to make your hospital birth something you will love and look back on as a memory that felt supported and safe?  Are you having a home birth and need resources and committed support?

At Birth Journey Doula Care we offer women and families a safe space to become educated, we support you during your birth and we also provide services for the tender postpartum period.  We hear your birth stories, offer breastfeeding support, and guide you through the special and beautiful, yet sometimes difficult transition to parenting.

Find out how we can best make your journey one that is informed, heard, respected and supported with absolute commitment.

How can we help you?

Kathleen Baker offers Birth and Postpartum support and education; connecting you with community and resources, breastfeeding, education, and emotional support.

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