Orchard Park Shopping Centre
Located on Hwy 97 (Harvey) at Cooper Road


There are several stores located in Orchard Park Shopping Centre that cater to babies or children.

They are: The Children’s Place, Please Mum, Mexx Kids, Gap Kids, Sears and The Bay


The Mall also features an incredible parenting room (located near the Starbucks & Sears Home) that has many great features for children and parents.

Pass keys are FREE with a piece of identification and can be picked up at the Guest Services Kiosk.

The parenting room provides:

 A secure room for families with small children
 Stroller parking in the hall & lockers for gear/shopping
 A brightly coloured room complete with separate bathrooms, little toilets, lower sinks and a stool for little ones to stand on for hand washing
 Diaper change tables, complete with extra diapers & wipes in case you forget yours
 A highchair and microwave oven for heating up baby food or bottles
 Large comfortable arm chairs for breastfeeding Moms
 A sitting area with toys and TV (which plays kid’s videos) to entertain little ones
 A water fountain, beads, games & puzzles built into the walls

This is a great place for a breastfeeding Mom to go and sit in a comfortable area to feed her baby - especially if she has a toddler in tow. The Parenting Room is a safe enclosed room which allows Mom to tend to the baby’s needs while her toddler can be safely playing with the toys or watching a movie.


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