There are many stores in Kelowna that a new parent can go to to find all the supplies that they will need during the first few years
of their child’s life.

For a complete list of the local stores that specialize in baby supplies please check out our Kelowna Baby Stores page. Please also
follow the link for Orchard Park Mall to learn about their wonderful Parenting Room
, available to all new parents. For those of you considering Cloth Diapering for your new baby than check out these great local businesses that offer a variety of Cloth Diaper
products or services Cloth Diapers.

And for those parents that are too busy to go out shopping please see our list of online businesses and local Okanagan Crafters that cater to new parents Online Shopping and Okanagan Crafters. Then enjoy shopping for your little one (or yourself) from the comfort of your home!

Kelowna Baby Stores

Orchard Park Mall

Online Shopping

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